Welcome 2019!

Big changes are coming for PPN this year.  New logo, new website, and new vision – same amazing partnerships & relationships.

New Logo:  The thought process behind our new logo was the idea that we may be placed in one bubble but as we merge them together, we become one as PPN.  The colors were chosen simple picked because they made me smile.

New Website:  Tim has worked countless hours to change our look to a simple and sleek modern design.  Yes, I have asked for 1000’s of little changes!  We have added a few pages and created more space for posts and information.  There is also a new Members Only section that will allow you to review when your membership is up for renewal.  In time, this tab will have more pieces.

New Vision:  I love who we are but I am really love who we are becoming and what’s next for us.  PPN will become better in 2019!

Cheers! – Debbi