Some People Were Asking…

I have been asked what are the benefits of joining PPN? My motto: We all do business with people we know and trust so I created PPN to do just that – get to know other vendors/locations.
What you get from PPN totally depends what type of vendor, so I decided to break it down:

Are you a Restaurant/Hotel/Venue?
We share leads with the Partners we know first. I know when I get calls from clients/ referrals they always tell me how cool it is that we are all so close that we will share information but leads..they always appreciate me helping them find a home even if it’s not with me. I really take to heart about my PPN goal of changing competition to guest service/needs.

Are you a Friendor?
PPN is a perfect opportunity of you to get to know not only other Friendors but also the sales people from different restaurants, hotels, and venues all over Orlando. But with saying that – the more you put into something the more you will get out of it. If you aren’t getting enough from PPN..let me help you.

Are you a Charity Partner?
Not only do you get the chance to meet some amazing people who could really help your organization, but you get to posts 5 times a year to the social sites.

How to get more from PPN?
• Don’t sit with you co-workers at the meetings…try to meet new people!
• Give me stuff to posts..I will post it 4 times for each posts with your blurb and page/company tags
• Be active on our social sites..comment, like, or share but let others see you want to be peers and work with them