March Friendor Spotlights

What can I say – I adore all three of these amazing ladies. Some I have know for years, some I have just met but can already see their passion for events and their craft.

I met Ginette as Princess Sparkle about 10 years ago at Hannah’s Father-Daughter dance when she was in kindergarten. Ginette has a way of making everyone she meets feel at ease with not only her ability to create magic for kids and adults, but how when she listens to you – she is really all-in listening. I am so pleased and excited to have both her companies, Butterfly Dreams & Metamorphosis as part of the PPN family.

Dawn Gilmore and I met while sitting on the Orlando NACE board about a million years ago. Her smile and warmth could just light up the room but her attention to detail and loyalty, is what helped Dawn continue to be successful. Dawn is very involved in many local charitable organizations too. I was so thrilled when she decided to create Dawn Gilmore Productions. I am thrilled to have her as a Partner.

Lori Barbely and I have only recently met but even then – I knew she was someone special. When she volunteered to take February’s PPN meeting pictures – I was thrilled. I forgot how important these precious memories of our continued growth really were to PPN’s history. When working on Hannah’s Student of the Year campaign, I asked Lori if she could donate her time for the finale Gala, but due to a booking, she was unable to help but did volunteer to take pictures of Hannah and Madison the day before in Winter Garden. We had lots of crazy ideas – she rolled with us for about 2 hours and took over 200 pictures of the girls. The images are amazing!! I am trilled to introduce my new friend, Lori Barbely of Lori Barbely Photography to PPN.